Target Trap Co., Ltd. is a service provider who leads to “Below the line marketing strategy” of…

 Special event : does not only mean “Activity that creates impression and talk of the town”, but the impact of the event has to reflect the return of investment as an efficient marketing tool as well.

 Roadshow activity : emphasizing on communication message & promotion services.

 Sampling activity : creating new product trial experience.

 Street activity : raising consciousness

 In-Store promotion : activating on sales promotion at selling point and product demonstrations to the particular target group.

 Contest activity : optimizing image and reliance on products and services.

 Shop decoration : decorating brand image on target outlets.

 School visit : exploding target with the brand.

As a member of Event Management Association and a group company of The Brain Avenue Co., Ltd. For over 18 years, we can ensure that our performance will be at its best results.